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Website development turnkey
Website development turnkey
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Website development turnkey
Website development turnkey
Web development, also known as Web site development, refers to tasks such as building and maintaining Web sites. However, it can also include web design, web programming, and database management. Web development is closely related to the work of designing features and application functions (web design). The term "development" is usually used for the actual creation of these things (i.e., website programming). The main tools are the programming languages HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and JavaScript.
However, there are a number of other programs used to "manage" or facilitate the creation of websites. Otherwise, you would have to create from scratch by writing code. This category includes a number of content management systems (CMS), Tilda, WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, TYPO3, Adobe Experience Manager and others.
The term "web development" is generally used to refer to the actual creation and programming of websites and applications.

Examples of our website development:

Website development for apartment renovation (Tomsk). Cost 20 tr.
Website development for apartment renovation (Tomsk). Cost 20 tr.
Creating a website for the sale of ozonators
Website development on the sale of ozonators - $250
Site design update
Renewal of the design $650
Website bankruptcy
Website development for a lawyer $150
Website disinfection services
Website development for disinfection $200
Development of the site of medical subjects
Website development for a medical federal company, from $650
Creating a website for a sand sales company
Creating a sand sales firm banding $120
Creating a fitness tours branding
Creating a fitness tours branding $250
Creating a website for an advertising agency
Website development for an advertising agency, $150
Creating a corporate business card site
Novosibirsk, development of websites for wholesale companies
Creating a website for a federal network of services
Creating a website for a federal network of services $500
Site development dismantling works
Resource on dismantling work $140
Site development car service
Website development for car service, from $140
Site development car service
Development Site design update
Design update $50
Development Site design update
Site of disinfection services
Website development for disinfection, from $200
Creating a website for a construction company
Website development for construction companies, from $300
Website development for a cleaning company
Site development for cleaning companies, from $150
Resource redesign
Resource redesign
Bathroom repair lending
Bathroom repair lending
Bright Life Language School Website
Website development for language schools
Your Choice Rehabilitation Center
Your Choice Rehabilitation Center
Website development for cleaning
Site development for cleaning
website development for a psychologist
Website development for a psychologist

Packages for business companies

Approximate prices for website development

  • Site-card
120-500 $
Lending Page, which will be located the main information about the company.
  • Selling Websites turnkey
500-1000 $
For the sale of most goods and services.
  • Landing Page (Landing-selling page)
200-500 $
A full-fledged sales page. Created for contextual advertising.
  • Corporate WEBSITES
1500-3000 $
A multipage site with a catalog and detailed information about the activities of the organization.
  • online store
500-1000 $
Website with a catalog of products. Notification, shopping cart, purchase process.
  • individual sites
200-1000 $
Maintaining personal notes on the Internet.

Stages of our work


Website development - how to order?

  • To order "website development" leave an application or call 8-953-783-0790. Write to our e-mail Visit our VK representation
  • We will discuss all the details of the order and create a customized proposal. This term of work, the number of pages, adding content and functionality, certification. We will calculate the cost and stages of your payment.
  • You make an advance payment of 50%. In the course of work after 2-3 weeks the rest is paid.
  • The process of creating the site. You are constantly in touch if you need clarification. You can follow the progress of the work online.
Stages of development of the site:

  • Analysis of the target audience.
  • Creating a semantic core, discussing the structure and filling with internal content.
  • Selection of appropriate functionality and design.
  • Creating a functional and filling with content.
  • Training for employees to manage the resource.
  • Internal seo-optimization.
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  • Website development
Training in advertising and website development
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