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How search advertising works

If you don't already know what search advertising is and how it works:
A user, a potential customer, types the phrase he or she is looking for into the Google search box. In response to his query, the ads you or we have set up are displayed, labeled "advertising. See the slides to the left.
The visitor clicks on the ad titles and is taken to your site, where you sell them something...
Tell me more about it? Or just order a search engine advertising? Or order the creation of a site?
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Examples of our search advertising setup

See more examples in the portfolio

Prices and terms for setting up search advertising

The cost of setting up search advertising can be calculated on our created calculator or see approximate prices and terms in the table below. The final price for the setup will be determined by a specialist after studying your topic. Demand a discount! :)

How to set up search advertising

Full contextual advertising in Yandex and Google
  • 1
    Project Subjects
    We determine the topics of future campaigns, breakdown of campaigns and groups, and plan the number of key phrases in each campaign.
    This takes into account how advertising campaigns will be managed: the allocation of the contextual advertising budget, the inclusion and deactivation of individual topics.
  • 2
    Collecting semantics
    We collect the semantic core. Divide commercial, informational, competitive queries. Collect minus-phrases. Include tags for quick management of key phrases in the future. Cross-minusation for key phrases. Create dynamic campaigns, run to process the robot Yandex.
  • 3
    Uploading to an account
    We create campaigns, ads on search, media platforms, create banners for RNS, graphic, media advertising. Combine similar queries into templates for large semantics. We take into account the limits on the number of ads in one campaign, one group of ads in a particular advertising system.
  • 4
    Campaign parameters
    Set up campaign parameters - geography, schedule, minus-words, minus-phrases. We make the initial settings for budget spending, set the sites for the impressions - search or media sites.
  • 5
    Display adjustments
    We make adjustments to the budget for displays on mobile devices, if necessary, create filters by age and gender of the audience
  • 6
    Virtual business card
    Create a virtual business card of the organization. Create and add a metric counter. Set up a block of notifications on budget expenditure, if the site is unavailable.
  • 7
    Targeting audiences
    In campaigns, if necessary, set up autotargeting, retargeting by audience and target metrics.
  • 8
    Configuring groups
    In groups, we customize the displayed link to improve conversion. Set up quick links, clarifications

How to order

You can order a call, leave a request or call
We agree the cost, the amount of work, coordinate accounts in Yandex, Google. If necessary, provide access to the configuration of the site
Prepayment for search advertising
You make an advance payment of 50% on the card. The rest is paid after 2-3 weeks from the start date of the work
I make adjustments, monitor the effectiveness, give recommendations on the site. In a month you get a fully working campaign


What is a quality search advertising

How to plan search advertising

In this article I will describe what is quality contextual advertising setup, how it is performed how to recognize it.
Why does the entrepreneur order contextual advertising? You, as a businessman, want transparency in the expenditure of their money. Investing money without any benchmarks, in a month or two you will be disappointed with the process, if you do not immediately hit the "bullseye". But that rarely happens.
Let's understand what you would like to get, ordering contextual advertising
You want applications! Good, specific, when we sell a product or service to the final, solvent customer.
Planning contextual advertising, attracting visitors to the site, we need clear guidelines in rubles. We need to be sure that everything is going according to plan, the parameters and performance of contextual advertising we have normal, or at least we see where to move.

Now about the numbers.

The first figure we need - is how much we are willing to pay for a client in rubles. This figure depends on the net profit from the average sale. Suppose the real profit from one sale is 5000 rubles, and for a client with money you are ready to pay a maximum of 2000 rubles.
The second figure. You have to understand how much money you can lay out to attract one treatment, call. Not every call from contextual advertising will turn into a sale. Let's enter the conversion ratio of calls, for example 0,5 - half of the calls will be wasted, the other half of the callers will make an order. This figure depends on whether you have the right product or service, how competent managers on the phone, how generated the demand for the service or product, etc.
The third figure - it's quality, the conversion of your site. This is a separate big topic. But there are average numbers to guide you. For most sites, the usual conversion rate of 2-3%. This means that every 100 visitors to the site 2 or 3 will order a preliminary call or call themselves. For sites selling pizza or sushi site conversion reaches more than 10%, but we do not count on it, although the conversion depends on the subject. If the specifics of business is that there is nothing to choose from, pay da get, then maybe 10 and 15% ...
Of these three figures are the cost per click, conversion on contextual ads, which we focus on using in the further analysis. It's easy!
In our example, 2000 * 0.5 / 2.5% = 25 rubles. The cost of clicks on contextual advertising should not exceed 25 rubles! 40 clicks on 25 rubles will give us a customer call, 2 calls will give us the sale. Total, as planned, for one sale will be spent no more than 2000 rubles.

contextual advertising goals

Analysis of advertising

To analyze serch advertising, what do I use?
  • I analyze the business, the average bill of my client, in order to understand what click prices for contextual advertising are needed. And all the structure in context should be broken down by topics and campaigns. This is necessary for easy management of the budget of different topics.
  • Analysis of site conversion. Need to do a number of works on the site that people call, write. Put active elements, forms of application, quick order a call, and so on. All this should be done, roughly speaking, "for the stupid" for the lazy, the tired, etc. So that the contact details, the application form just could not be passed by. But not to overdo it.
  • I set up analytics to understand how many requests we have, how we fit into the right parameters.
Having benchmarks, it is easy to understand at what stage there is inefficiency.

How am I different from the masses of other professionals?

First, you just need to make high-quality technical part of the contextual advertising settings. I will not write about the typical settings, this information is enough in the various courses and recommendations Yandex.Direct and Google Adwords, these moments many know and try to show the customer that this is a high-quality contextual advertising. If you dig a little deeper, today 90% of directories, contextual advertising specialists do not keep track of search queries on which clients come, do not control the "quality of traffic. Even in contextual advertising agencies, many experts do not know what they need to look at, where in Yandex.Direct and Google Adwords. Alas, in the market of advertising in Yandex and Google a lot of beginners, who do the setting up almost for free, without any responsibility for their work. As a result, the customer does not understand what is happening, where his money goes.

I have seen cases where the customer sells equipment worth hundreds of thousands of rubles, but plans to spend 5-10 thousand rubles per month on paid advertising. In this case, you can not count on a noticeable promotion of business, even if the contextual advertising is set up qualitatively.

Planning the budget is an important part of the advertising campaign!
"If there is no money - it's better to stay in social networks! ))

Often the site of many is a simple one-page lending, while competitors have decent portals with detailed characteristics of products, the price ruler, a clear explanation of the purchasing process and service. The 90's are over, now the market is saturated with commercial offers. The website visitor is busy enough or lazy enough to read a lot. He opens at the same time a dozen sites, looks only at what catches his interest. This is a question about the conversion of the site. Such a site will not have a 2% conversion rate.

In a small note, I can not explain all my experience in contextual advertising and Internet marketing.
If you are interested in ordering quality contextual advertising, then please contact me!

Support of advertising campaigns

What does "advertising campaign management" include

    1. Track contextual advertising budget. Notify the client when the money runs out on the account.
    2. We optimize advertising in Yandex, Google Adwords according to the recommendations of advertising systems.
    3. Weekly monitoring of the traffic purity, we send the search requests to the client.
    4. Weekly formation of the statistics of the campaigns with comments.
    5. We make changes in campaigns, we add topics, key phrases within 2-3 hours per week.
    6. Upon request, we carry out:
    - adjusting the advertising budget by topics, campaigns, phrases, etc.
    - switch on and off the necessary sections of the campaign
    - consulting on the information on the site, the structure of the site, increase site conversion.

    The cost of contextual advertising

    100$ per month for an ordinary campaign in Google ads
    If there are a lot of contextual campaigns - the cost of support by agreement

    Some questions about services

    Promotion - free advertising

    Free SEA when ordering a website of 15000 r and more. You will have your own website ready to receive traffic from Yandex.Direct and GoogleAdwords advertising systems.
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